The association Vignaioli in Grottaferrata was born as the result of the strong bond between 5 wine institutions with different stories and characteristics, five wine makers and producers united by the passion for a special territory: Grottaferrata.

This territory is special not just because it is kissed by the sun and refreshed by clean and fragrant air but also because its fertile and generous land retains essential and precious elements for exceptional grapes and fine wines with different scents, aromas, traits.

The association aims to promote awareness of the oenology and wines of the Grottaferrata area, which are expression of the culture and essential part of the touristic offer of our country. Furthermore, the association’s primary objectives are: the promotion of initiatives related to the circular economy, the exploitation of a sustainable agriculture and the role of the wine sector in the climate change.

The association offers visits to the cellars, tastings, typical gastronomy, hospitality, experiences that help you discovering the uniqueness and  richness of this area and build memories for life, in cooperation with local associations and operators.


La basilica di San Nilo a Grottaferrata, la cui Crypta Ferrata ha ispirato il nostro vino in comune.