The association is composed by 5 wine makers of the area of Grottaferrata.

Agricoltura Capodarco is a B type social cooperative established in Grottaferrata 40 years ago. It has always based its work on two principles: respect for nature and respect for people. It represents a concrete example of social agriculture, it uses agricultural practices to create socially relevant activities for people with difficulties. Agricoltura Capodarco produces and sells horticultural products, oil, wine, honey and biscuits -all organic certified- , it also has a poultry and rabbit farm and it provides farm holiday experiences and catering for events. It has 8 hectares of vineyards, all organic certified, cultivated with the aim of producing a natural and healthy product.

A visit at the biological farm Villa Cavalletti  is like an a evokative leap into the ancient roman and renaissance tradition; Villa Cavalletti  is a welcoming and elegant escape in the Roman Castles area, away from the chaos and pollution of the city, a place where to taste food and wine delicacies.  Villa Cavalletti  loves nature, every process is carried out without using chemicals, only elements natural and respectful for the well-being of humankind and the Earth. Primary objective is to offer quality, healthy, wholesome and environmentally friendly products.  The Villa Cavalletti vineyard extends for 6 hectares, since 2014 they have worked to recover the historic Jesuit vineyard and to replant varieties and clones carefully selected for the very particular terroir. Soil management takes place in compliance with the organic method and is operated exclusively with mechanical means, nutrition takes place through green manure of legumes sown in autumn and chopped in spring. The farming method is  guyot spurred cordon.

La Torretta farm was bought by Riccardo's great grandfather at the end of 19th century and it has produced wine for numerous Roman taverns until the 1980's when his father Alberto decided to stop making wine and to start giving grapes for the Frascati Doc to the Fontana cooperative winery Candida. In 2015 Riccardo Magno, Advertising Producer, helped by his wife Maria, photographer, decided to convert the Magno family business in organic. An always growing passion for wine and the encounter with Michele Lorenzetti encouraged them to embark on the path to biodynamic agriculture and to start working to restore the winemaking.

The Gabriele Magno agricultural company is the result of the synergy between Gabriele Magno, airline pilot, and owner of the agricultural company La Torretta and Luigi Fragiotta, sales agent in the wine sector. Gabriele's desire to produce and bottle a Frascati wine made with the family grapes that would spark to mind the aromas of the “old Frascati” became possible when it met Luigi's ambition and  became a common project. The company area is 5 hectares spread over a medium-hill terrain on the western side of the Castelli Romani and is being converted to organic farm. Craftsmanship, the will to improve year after year and a sincere love for this land are the main propellents for this company. 

Emanuele Ranchella family has arrived in Grottaferrata in 1857; called as pontifical colonists by the then Mayor Passamonti to increase the population of the newly established Castellano municipality, they began to plant vineyards achieving for that time a considerable and high-quality production. After having pursued the family traditions even in the difficult war years, they became the best suppliers of numerous roman restaurants until they reached such levels that they were chosen as selected suppliers for the Pontifical Swiss Guard. The company is approximately 15 hectares, the experience and the passion have led them over the years to work continuously to improve and recover their native vines with amazing results. 


Crypta is the result  of the collaboration between these winemakers. The wine is produced by the individual cellars with different grapes and it is called after Crypta Ferrata which is in the San Nilo Abbey, a symbol of Grottaferrata and an architectural jewel in Lazio.